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Show Your Stoff Blog Tour – Part 2

I’m participating in the Show Your Stoff Blog Tour for Zierstoff Patterns this week, hosted by Mahlica Designs. I chose three patterns, the first two, the Alena top and Maxi pants, I posted about yesterday. Todays post is about the Kati Dress. I chose this pattern because it looked like it would be a great wardrobe builder and you can make both a dress and a top from one pattern.

show your stoff 2

It is a great basic pattern that was quick and easy to sew. I made the dress in just a couple  of hours.

The only trouble I had was with sewing the elastic onto the waist of the dress. I’ve never sewn elastic directly onto the fabric before, so it was something new for me. I considered making a casing for the elastic, but I didn’t because 1, I wanted to be able to attach elastic this way and 2, I didn’t want visible stitches on the dress at the waist. So I kept at it and it worked out and really wasn’t that big of a deal in the end.

Do make sure to use a new needle, I think mine was going dull after several projects already…oops….and don’t stretch the elastic too much as you sew, I think that was another one of my issues. Doing so kept making the thread break which was very frustrating but eventually I figured out what was happening and stopped stretching the elastic so much!

The pattern did not specify which size elastic to use, and I had only 1″ and 1/4″ wide. I tried the 1/4″ elastic first and ended up taking it out as it just wasn’t enough to keep the dress sitting where it should and kept sliding down. So I used the 1″ elastic and that worked out well. I think 3/4″ would also work well.


The skirt of the dress is nice and roomy and light, it flows really well and isn’t going to trip you up for being too narrow or too wide and billowy.

I found once it was all put together that the dress was a little shorter than I like but I think that was due to my not taping the pattern together properly, which I’ll watch out for that next time I make it. For me, the pieces of paper needed to be just touching, rather than matching up the lines, I wish I had taken a picture, but didn’t even think of it at the time. As I plan to make it again, I’ll be printing a new pattern and will update this post with a photo!

Since I wanted it long, and knew I wouldn’t wear it if it wasn’t, I decided to serge the hem instead of folding it under properly. Next time, I’ll make sure it will be long enough with a folded hem.

The knit fabric I used is a little heavier than I expected when I ordered it, a lighter fabric will have better drape.

Honestly, these three patterns have been very satisfying to make because of how quick they go together and how wearable they are. While it’s fun to make fancy dresses with cute novelty prints, they certainly don’t get worn as often as something like these will.

Through the rest of this month, Zierstoff Patterns is offering a 30% discount on all patterns with the code: MahlicaDesigns30

30 off


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This post contains affiliate links, if you purchase anything through them I will get a small percentage of the sale.

Zierstoff Patterns provided the patterns to me in exchange for this post.


14 thoughts on “Show Your Stoff Blog Tour – Part 2

  1. The skirt and outfit look great on you!! What a fun tour/). I’m sorry about the frustration with the elastic. Needle problems are so very annoying! I’m glad you made it work though:). —I’m excited to see your blueberry muffins tomorrow:). Yum!!!

    1. Thank you so much! I think I really need to make a habit of changing the needle more often. And yes, the muffins! I plan to make them today, just need a couple items from the store for them, like the blueberries! 🙂

  2. The dress is just beautiful and I like the length it is on you now. I’ve personally had some epic needle disasters with elastic. I think that is one of those lessons you have to learn first hand.

  3. I love the simplicity of this! I tend to overlock (serge) elastic to the fabric if I’m not making a casing, but since I haven’t made this dress before who knows if it would work here. Just have to be careful not the cut the elastic! Great dress and I like the length you made it.

    1. The simpleness of it is one of the things I like about it, too! I had thought of using the overlocker, but I was afraid I’d cut into the elastic so I didn’t want to try.

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